Today is all about two Austrian female voices: Both ESC star PAENDA and Jungspund OSKA present their new singles.

Popier, catchier and more PAENDA than ever: In the new song “Want Me Not To Want You”, the Viennese shows with summer pop vibes what a comeback is.

PAENDA presented itself at the song contest in Tel Aviv last year with a reduced, reserved song, so in 2020 it will appear back on the picture and sound surface with catchy up-beat sounds. “The song is a relief from legacy issues for me,” said the musician with a wink when asked about the trendy flair of her newest number “Want Me Not To Want You.

The story behind “Want Me Not To Want You” is already in the title: “It is about unrequited love and the desire to be able to simply switch off the feelings that you have for your counterpart.” Clearly: When lovesickness at PAENDA is so sounds catchy and danceable, we would like to have more of it in the future.

OSKA also has a brand new single with “Somebody”. A few weeks ago, the native of Waldviertel signed a contract with the Canadian-based label Nettwerk Records, which may also call acts like Passenger, Angus & Julia Stone or SYML at home.

“Somebody” is about the first phase of falling in love and all the uncertainties that can come to light during this time: can you really be as you are with this new person in your life, or do you have the feeling of being pretending need to be liked? On the other hand, one might ask the question whether only the “idea” of one is exciting for the other person. “Sometimes you fall in love with someone’s imagination and you imagine a relationship without really knowing each other.

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