Loses baby after traveling more than 100 kilometers to reach maternity hospital

A closed emergency in Abrantes forced her to go to Santarém. Hospital and IGAS open investigation.

A 41-year-old woman, resident in Vila de Rei, Castelo Branco, went, in the early hours of Wednesday, to the District Hospital of Santarém (HDS), for suspecting that she was going to go into labor. But when she arrived at the hospital, the baby was already lifeless. Pregnant at risk, she had to travel 100 kilometers to the nearest maternity hospital, as the Obstetrics Emergency Department at Hospital de Abrantes, 30 kilometers from her home, was closed. The General Inspectorate for Health Activities (IGAS) opened an inquiry.

From what JN found out, the woman got up with signs of childbirth and went to consult the SNS portal to find out which health unit she should go to. Noting that the Obstetrics Emergency Department at the Hospital de Abrantes of the Centro Hospitalar do Médio Tejo (CHMT), the closest to the area of ​​residence, was not working, he traveled another 70 kilometers to reach Santarém.

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