Los Pumitas and a triumphant debut against the Junior Wallabies

The Pumitas debuted with victoria in the Oceania U20 Rugby Championship before the Junior Wallabies 24-21, with a penalty in the last minute by Agustin Sascaro.

The albiceleste youth team premiered the ingoal with a penalty try due to the four penalties Australia generated in less than five minutes. In addition, those led by José Pellicena maintained a good defensive line without leaving any space across the field. Even the scrum and line were the high points, so the Australians were not stable in the fixed formations, avoiding them during the match.

Later, the Junior Wallabies arrived at the Argentine ingoal on one occasion, but the TMO denied the local celebration. Nevertheless, Mac Grealy he was unforgiving after a few minutes and this time the technology failed in favor of the Australians. For its part, Los Pumitas added, again, seven points for another penalty try for an infraction in the scrum.

In the complementary stage, the game turned back and forth with kicks to the back of the court by both teams. Nonetheless, Eliseo Chiavassa He signed the blue and white try. In the final minutes, the locals got a penalty try and matched the Argentines on points.

At the end and with the national cast with one less player, Sascaro hit a superb penalty and decreed the 24-21 with which the match ended. However, prior to the shutdown, the Aussies got a time served infraction and risked going to the line. Mason Gordon could not hit and kicked over the touch line ingoal so that the Argentineans stay with the victory.

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On the second date of the contest, Los Pumitas will face each other with New Zealandwhile the Junior Wallabies will do the same when they play against Fiji.



THE PUMITAS: 1. Matthias Medrano, 2- Boris Wegner, 3. Martin Villar, 4. Lawrence Collidio, 5. Ephraim Elias, 6. Valentin Cabral, 7. Pedro Rubiolo, 8. Elisha Chiavassa, 9. Matthew Albanese (C), . Thomas Suarez Folch, 11. Augustine Fraga, 12. Mariano Garcia Ascarate, 13. Just Piccardo, 14. Thomas Elizalde, 15. Matthew Soler.

ALTERNATES: 16. Thomas Bartolini, 17. Francisco Palazzi, 18. Renzo Zanella, 19. Federico Albrisi, 20. Aitor Bildosola, 21. Juan Cruz Strada, 22. Augustin Sascaro, 23. Faustino Sanchez Valarolo.

CHANGES: 16. Thomas Bartolini, 17. Francisco Palazzi, 18. Renzo Zanella, 19. Federico Albrisi, 20. Aitor Bildosola, 22. Augustine Sascaro, 23. Faustino Sanchez Valarolo

JUNIOR WALLABIES: 1. Adrian Brown, 2. Tom Maka, 3. Remsy Lemisio; 4. Lopeti Faifua, 5. Luke Callan; 6. Daniel Maiava, 7. Nick Baker, 8. Ned Slack-Smith (C), 9. Kalani Thomas, 10. Mason Gordon, 11. Floyd Aubrey, 12. Taj Annan, 13. Lukas Ripley, 14. Darby Lancaster; 15. Mac Grealy.

ALTERNATES: 16. Max Craig, 17. Paddy Tagg, 18. Siosifa Amone, 19. Mitch Watts, 20. Connor Seve, 21. Louis Werchon, 22. Jack Bowen, 23. Ben Dowling.

CHANGES: 16. Max Craig, 17. Paddy Tagg, 18. Siosifa Amone, 19. Mitch Watts, 20. Connor Seve, 23. Ben Dowling

FIRST HALF POINTS: 5′ Los Pumitas Penalty Try, 7′ Mason Gordon (JW) Penalty, 10′ Mason Gordon (JR) Penalty, 18′ Mac Grealy (JR) Try, 27′ Los Pumitas Penalty Try and 31′ Penalty by Mason Gordon (JW).

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SECOND HALF POINTS: 45′ Eliseo Chiavassa try and conversion by Tomás Suárez Folch (LP), 75′ Penalty try by Junior Wallabies and 79′ Penalty by Agustín Sascaro (LP).


YELLOW: 27′ 3. Remsy Lemisio (JR), 75′ 5. Ephraim Elijah (LP).



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