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The staged fight between the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels last Sunday has left a total of 12 members of both teams suspended, as announced this Monday by MLB.

Those suspended for the incident include nine members of the Angels and three of the Mariners, Michael Hill, vice president of field operations for Major League Baseball, announced Monday.

The incident occurred in the second inning of Sunday’s game, when right-hander Andrew Wantz hit outfielder Jesse Winker with a pitch, sparking a bitter argument that ended with members of both teams thrown onto the field amid an exchange of bumps and shoves.

Witnesses indicated that several vehicles entered the parking lot, where a physical altercation followed by dozens of shots took place. Several youth baseball games were underway when this incident occurred at Pepperhill Park in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The most games of suspension received the interim manager of the Angels, Phil Nevin, who was suspended for 10 games.

The sanction was more severe for the manager, because Wantz hit outfielder Jesse Winker, after both teams had already been warned about this type of action in the middle of the game, so the authorities determined that this was a intentional throw to hit it.

Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon was suspended for five games after walking onto the field when he is officially on the disabled list.

Angels assistant pitching coach Dom Chiti was also suspended five games for his actions during the incident.

Wantz, who sparked the incident after hitting the Mariners outfielder, received a three-game suspension, the same number of games his teammate, fellow pitcher Ryan Tepera, will miss.

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Meanwhile, pitcher Raisel Iglesias, bench coach Ray Montgomery, receivers coach Bill Haselman and Angels interpreter Manny del Campo have received a two-game suspension.

A pitcher for a Texas baseball team is no longer in his lineup after charging a batter as he was going for third base after a home run. The batter was also suspended for two games for taunting the pitcher.

For the Mariners, Winker was given a seven-game suspension because he was a major player in setting off the fight.

Seattle shortstop JP Crawford will have to serve a five-game suspension and Dominican outfielder Julio Rodriguez was suspended for two games.

Until now, only Wantz has said that he will begin today to comply with his sanction, so that everyone else has the power to appeal this decision, which takes them out of the game.



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