Lorenzo Automotores presented in Mendoza the long-awaited Pulse, FIAT’s first regional SUV

Diario UNO was part of the activity and spoke exclusively with Leandro Lipari, commercial manager of Lorenzo Automotores, official Fiat dealer in Mendoza.


It measures 4.09 meters long, has a wheelbase of 1.55 meters and 190 mm of ground clearance.

“Today we are launching the Fiat Pulse in its three versions. It is a simultaneous presentation in both San Rafael, Mendoza and San Luis. The idea is that they can know what this new product is about, which Fiat took great pains to achieve. We are talking about an extremely safe, comfortable vehicle with a level of equipment that stands out among its competitors”, he indicated.

The executive highlighted that in its drive version it has traction control, stability, ABS, front and side airbags., among other features. “It is a vehicle that the Mendoza public expected. It is found I would say of the small SUVs, many opted for this option for the benefits it has. It fulfills the functions for which it is designed”, he commented.

One of the strengths of the Pulse is its suspension system, which was specially developed for this model. The set is made up of the McPherson system on the front axle and the torsion axle for the rear tracks, both with new geometry, which allow greater dynamic performance and contribute to greater protection in the event of a collision. The system is capable of absorbing all the irregularities of the terrain, optimizing stability in curves and allowing a pleasant driving sensation.


It stands out for its large 10.1-inch screen, one of the largest in the segment.  Wireless mobile connection and charging

It stands out for its large 10.1-inch screen, one of the largest in the segment. Wireless mobile connection and charging

Those who want to see it up close can approach Fiat Lorenzo to get an idea of ​​the model. The official prices are as follows: Pulse 1.3 Drive Manual, $3.310.000; Pulse Drive 1.3 CVT, $3.510.000; Pulse Impetus 1.0 CVT, $3.705.000. The warranty is three years or 100 thousand kilometers.

Fiat is promoting the Pulse through the channel of savings plans and through conventional sales, with a financing rate of 3.5% fixed and in pesos in 12 months.

It is important to highlight that the client enters in a closed circle with 168 people, with agreed quotas to withdraw the unit, which through an agreement with the factory; You can have it in installment 10 by paying 30% of the cost of the vehicle, plus freight and license fees.


All versions come with LED main lights. The Impetus version also adds front fog lights with “Cornering” function

Lorenzo Automotive ad

The consulted source highlighted a long-awaited piece of news for the company, the landing of the Ford brand for Lorenzo Automotores, this will happen soon. “We are about to launch JC Lorenzo Ford in Gran Mendoza. We are now officially in San Rafael. So it is a year with many challenges. This will be in a short time, it will be located on San Martín Avenue”, he stressed.

Lipari said that Ford has a deep “insight” into everything that is Ranger and its different versions. “In addition to important vehicles such as the Kuga, Raptor, Bronco, it is a very strong bet of the firm”, he asserted.

Regarding the sales figures, the executive highlighted: “We have a fairly acceptable number, we are about to reach 400 patents in the area so far this year. That is as far as the conventional sales channel is concerned.”

commented that in what was 2021 it is estimated that about 1,000 vehicles were sold by the firm (including the three branches San Luis, Mendoza and San Rafael). “Making a projection of what may happen this year is very difficult, due to the different variables that we all know in this country.

He also referred to the availability of imported cars. “There is not immediate availability on many occasions of vehicles from abroad. But luckily at Ford, Fiat and Jeep we have a significant assortment of options. It makes us always remain competitive in the market”, he said.

Chronos is the most chosen

The professional noted that Fiat Cronos is still the most chosen model. Let us remember that last year Cronos was the winner among the most chosen cars by Argentines.

“It is still the most chosen by the people of Mendoza, it must be taken into account that it has immediate delivery. Added to which he is backed by cutting-edge financing. It has comfort, financing, price and delivery as important features”, he concluded.



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