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After a weekend full of news and revelations in Star Wars Celebration, Disney+ quietly launched the Monday morning the first trailer of his adaptation with real actors of the classic animated movie Pinocchio. Although the best glance what we have obtained of the protagonist puppet is in the image above, we can tell that Disney is determined to make this adaptation directed by Robert Zemeckis looks as much like the cartoon movie as possiblefor good and worse.

I delight with the title that declares that this film is of the same study that brought the version CGI of The Lion King (the of 2019) which was poorly received by critics y considered passable by a family audience. But with actors real on set, Pinocchio is an opportunity for Disney to show its ability to merge animation and live action. While that might lead to a more exciting end product, putting the real-world Tom Hanks alongside the anthropomorphized CGI versions of Jiminy Cricket and honored john doesn’t seem to be doing no one any favors. More importantly, the thought of having to watch the scene where those real children become hybrid donkeys computer generated, a scene that was already completely terrifying when it was done in 2D animation, you could raise this version of Pinocchio into some truly twisted territory. And let’s not forget that the stop-motion adaptation of the cpopular wind de William of the Bull also rIt will premiere in December this year.

The film stars Tom Hanks as Gepetto, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as PinocchioCynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy who brings the puppet to life, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the voice of Pepito Grillo.

Pinocchio will premiere on Disney+ in the Dfrom Disney+: on September 8.

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