The show in heaven is incredible. The images that the comet Neowise offered in the world will be for posterity and it is not for less, since it will pass near Earth again in 6,800 years. Can we get to see it from La Plata?

The phenomenon is striking, and many want to be able to “hunt” this celestial body that was discovered in March by the NASA space telescope. For this reason, the doctor in Astronomy of the Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences of the UNLP and researcher of the Conicet, Eduardo Fernández Lajús, explained in dialogue with Daily Today what you need to know about the Neowise.

“The comet began to hover over the horizon of La Plata, as the days go by it will be higher and higher in the night sky, after the sun goes down. On July 26 and 27 the comet will be about 10 ° on the horizon at 7:00 p.m. In principle, there would be good chances to see it more comfortably, but it can be seen from a very tall building or from less urbanized areas. The comet will continue to rise day after day at the same time, but as time passes it will be weaker, then less active and less bright, “said the expert.

To try to capture it when the sun goes down, the specialist recommended having binoculars, because they are easy objects to manipulate. He pointed out that a camera with a good lens, a spyglass or a telescope that can be pointed low can also be used, always in a north-northwest direction.

“This comet developed a great activity. It has about 5 kilometers of core, it is medium, pulling large so that with all the volatiles it has when it gets close to the sun it takes on great activity. This kite deployed two tails, one dust and one gas, which gives it the spectacular it has, that made it stand out, “said Fernández Lajús.

“We cannot ensure visibility with the naked eye because it depends on the comet. From what we see in the images coming from Europe, it is weaker. So you are not going to be able to see this spectacular, but anyway we are not going to miss the show, “explained the professional.

According to the calculations and observations made by the scientific community, in Argentina the best opportunity to see it clearly will occur this weekend in the northern provinces such as Salta and Jujuy.

“This kite is the one that gives us the best chances to observe from this position. Many people are going to take very good photos, we are not going to miss that. We have to take this opportunity to observe it. Among the comets that have passed lately, it is one of the most outstanding and is worth the effort to move to a place where it is possible to see better ”, he concluded.