Lonzo Ball before the Trade Deadline: Why New Orleans is in a (self-inflicted) dilemma

Lonzo Ball will become a restricted free agent this summer, so the future of the previous number 2 pick is unclear. The point guard is playing a good season, but the New Orleans Pelicans are probably looking for a trade for him. The Pelicans have themselves to blame for the fact that it has come to this point. What could happen to Ball now?

Was it a first sign of an upcoming trade? The New Orleans Pelicans won in Denver yesterday evening thanks to Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson, but Lonzo Ball was injured with a hip problem.

That can happen, but so close to the trade deadline it is often suspicious if trade candidates miss a game here and there.

The fact is that there have been persistent rumors about the 23-year-old since January. The Point Guard’s contract in New Orleans expires, and Ball becomes a Restricted Free Agent (RFA) after the season because the parties could not agree on an early contract extension before the start of the season.

Ball’s agent is Rich Paul, LeBron James’ buddy and the Pelicans have had rather unpleasant experiences with him in the past. It was Paul who publicly called for a trade for his protégé Anthony Davis in January 2019 – out of New Orleans and into the glittering world of Los Angeles. After a few months’ delay, Davis Camp got its request, and AD was traded to the Lakers.




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