Loni Willison talks about her life on the street

The deep fall of the Loni Willison

She lived a glamorous life at the side of “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson (40). Today all her belongings fit into a shopping cart: Loni Willison, model and ex-girlfriend of the famous TV lifeguard, lives as a homeless person on the streets of Los Angeles. The 37-year-old can’t even afford shoes. You can find out in the video who she blames for her precarious situation.

Loni Willison has to go through trash cans

On the beach in Santa Monica, the former fitness model wanders from trash can to trash can to find food or useful items. She always pulls her shopping cart full of belongings behind her. In it is all that is left to you. The thought of her previous life in Hollywood seems only surreal and fake today. Only a few years have passed since Loni regularly spent the flashlight on the side of Jeremy Jackson.

Downward spiral begins with alleged domestic violence

Loni and Jeremy Jackson, the acting colleague of David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson and Co., married in 2012. But just two years later, the separation followed after a series of disputes that allegedly culminated in his being in their home in West Hollywood should have attacked. She suffered two broken ribs, neck injuries, and scratches on her face. From then on the downward spiral begins that ended on the streets of California.

For Jeremy Jackson, too, things went steadily downhill over the years: In addition to alcohol and drug escapades, the actor was sentenced to 270 days in prison in 2017. Today the 40-year-old works as a professional stripper.

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