Long weekend of May 8: here are the traffic conditions according to the forecasts of Bison futé

Long weekend of May 8: here are the traffic conditions according to the forecasts of Bison futé

If you plan to go away for the weekend and take advantage of the holiday Monday on May 8, here are the traffic forecasts for Bison futé.

Will traffic conditions be complicated on this extended weekend thanks to the May 8 holiday? While it also marks the end of school holidays in zone C, motorists will undoubtedly be more numerous on the roads.

Nothing to do on the other hand with the rush of the summer holidays, since it is essentially Île-de-France which should suffer the worst traffic jams, when traffic remains generally fluid throughout the territory.

Friday May 5

This Friday, May 5, “the day is green at the national level, but the traffic will be very dense in the direction of departures in Île-de-France”, indicates the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which publishes the forecasts of Bison smart.

From the end of the morning, the surroundings of the toll gates will be congested in the Paris region, but it is at the end of the day, when the classic traffic of returning from work will be added, that it will be the most difficult to circulate. The region is also classified in red by Bison smart this Friday.

Saturday May 6

The next day, Saturday May 6, the day is orange in the direction of departures in Île de France and green everywhere else. “The first difficulties on the A10, A6, A13, A86 motorways as well as on the ring road will begin at the start of the morning, will intensify until midday and should last until the beginning of the afternoon” , says the ministry.

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Sunday 7 and Monday 8 May

Sunday, the day is green everywhere, except in Île-de-France, placed in orange, this time in the direction of returns. Logically, on Monday May 8, the traffic becomes denser again, still only in Île-de-France, in the direction of returns.

“Traffic will be sustained from the end of the morning, particularly on the A10, A6 and A13 motorways, and it will remain so until nightfall.”. The region is placed in red by Bison Futé.



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