Lolita Cortés and Alexander Acha fight at La Academia

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This Saturday, June 18, the second night of the concert was held at La Academia, but the criticism of Lolita Cortés did not seem to like the director Alexander Acha at all to such an extent that they staged a fight that ended in screams by both artists.

Lolita Cortés is already recognized for her harsh criticism towards the participants of any type of reality show since she seeks excellence in each show. this time it was Cesia and Andrés whom he accused of having given a bad presentation.

Alexander Acha, director of La Academia came out to defend the pair of students and asked Lolita not to focus only on negative things of the presentations.

“I do not agree with the unrealistic expectation that they are setting. These students are starting and there is progress and growth. You are asking them to make it perfect for the second show and that is impossible, it cannot be done, you know it perfectly. I stopped doing a show and tell them what they are doing well, “said Acha.

The comment seemed absurd to the iron judge because she responded to Alexander’s comments by stating that there was too much time to practice the song.

“You with seven days and 24 hours can’t put together a three-minute song. Do you think you can’t? Please. With the years of experience I have, mathematically, of course you can. Cesia did not sing better than last week, she was drowning and the man (Andrés) said that he was imitating and he did not even move and when he moved he did it horrible, “Lolita replied.

She even assured that she can put on a musical with only two dress rehearsals, to which Acha replied: “This show isn’t about you, Lolita, it’s about the students.”



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