“Great talent and the future of Loko. Will the 17-year-old goalkeeper play in the key Europa League match?

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

17-year-old Khudyakov will replace Guilherme in the UEL match

Daniil Khudyakov already had to replace Guilherme.

Lokomotiv has problems. On Thursday, the team has an important match with Lazio, which will determine its future in the Europa League. The railroad workers now occupy the last place in the group and are 2 points or more behind the rest. And right now Lokomotiv lost the main goalkeeper and captain Marinato Guilherme, who was diagnosed with damage to the tendon-ligamentous apparatus of the foot. In the match against Lazio, Marinato will definitely not play, but at the same time will miss the next meeting.

It seems that instead of Guilherme, Daniil Khudyakov will play at Lokomotiv’s goal – he is the second goalkeeper in the team this season. We will tell you what kind of footballer he is.

Lokomotiv suddenly flew into Akhmat.  But what goals did I concede!
Lokomotiv suddenly flew into Akhmat. But what goals did I concede!

Khudyakov is a pupil of Lokomotiv (and also the nephew of the former sports director of Tambov Pavel Khudyakov). He has joined the main team quite recently – he was recruited only this year (before he only trained with the elders). In the second half of last season, Daniel was on the bench three times, but now he is a full-fledged second goalkeeper. And that’s just 17 years old!

At the moment, Khudyakov has played three matches as the basis for Lokomotiv. The debut took place at the end of September. Then the railroad workers came to visit Khimki, and everything did not go according to plan. Guilherme at the beginning of the second half ran out of the gate and showed a technique from martial arts, for which he received a red card. Khudyakov was thrown into the heat, but he coped. Two saves, good passing accuracy for a goalkeeper (58 percent). Daniil did not weaken Lokomotiv, and the match ended in a goalless draw (three hits on the crossbar helped). The first game – and immediately “cracker”.

Due to the disqualification of Guilherme, Khudyakov had the opportunity to prove himself. The next match became historic for the club. Lokomotiv flew home to Rostov – 1: 2, and after the match Marko Nikolic was fired. Khudyakov has already made four saves, but this did not save the team or the coach. In addition, in the moment with the first goal of Rostov, Daniel was easily turned off from the game, pushed into the goal at a corner.

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Khudyakov’s third match fell on the debut of the new coach – the game against Rubin was the first for Marcus Gisdol. The young goalkeeper did a good job and made 5 saves, but frankly brought the second goal. It’s not scary not to fix the ball once, but Daniil made a mistake twice in a row, and Rubin scored. True, Lokomotiv after that pulled himself together and escaped defeat.

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By the way, Khudyakova highly appreciates Guilherme. Before the October match with Galatasaray, Marinato was asked about his replacement. Here is what he said: “We have been with Daniel for a year and a half in the team, this is a great talent. I am sure that this is our future. There is a lot to teach him. Of course, mistakes at this age are normal, he is too young. I am sure that sooner or later Khudyakov will be a big and good goalkeeper. ”

Once again, Khudyakov’s capabilities will be assessed very soon. Lokomotiv – Lazio, Moscow, Russian Railways Arena, November 25, 20:45 Moscow time.

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