Logitech Lift test: a vertical ergonomic mouse for more comfort in the office


The Lift is a very different mouse from what we are used to seeing on a desk. It is obviously its vertical design that strikes at first sight, a rare format, but not really new. Logitech has indeed taken over the overall ergonomics of its MX Vertical with the same angle of inclination of 57°.

A vertical mouse.

On the other hand, the angles are more rounded and the Lift is more compact, therefore better suited to small and medium-sized hands. It measures a total of 108 x 71 x 70 mm, and large hands will indeed be somewhat handicapped in use, the fingers tending to protrude a little. With its 125 g, the Lift is not the lightest, but this type of mouse is clearly not made to be handled with rapid movements.

The whole point of this ergonomic design lies in the reduction of tension in the wrist, the carpal tunnel (area located under the palm of the hand) and the muscle chain up to the shoulder. The hand remains in a much more natural position than on a conventional mouse, which improves user comfort over time.

The wrist remains in a natural position.

The wrist remains in a natural position.

It is difficult to assess the health gains over a few days of testing, but this position is indeed very comfortable and you get used to the vertical format in just a few hours. For those who spend the day clicking, the mouse therefore seems interesting, but the interest seems logically more limited if you spend most of your time on your keyboard or in a nightclub.

The coating is textured so that the hand does not slip.

The coating is textured so that the hand does not slip.

The mouse is made mostly of plastic, but the area that accommodates the palm of the hand is made of textured rubber, which improves grip and prevents the hand from slipping. Otherwise, there are a total of 6 buttons: two perfectly silent main clicks – one of the big advantages of this mouse – two secondary buttons at thumb level, a click on the wheel and a small button just below. The latter allows you to choose between two levels of sensitivity and thus to adapt to different tasks without going through the Logi Options software, for precision work in certain graphic applications, for example.

The main buttons are silent.

The main buttons are silent.

The SmartWheel is the same as that of the Signature M650, very slightly notched, but whose scrolling speed adapts to that of the user; a rather interesting hybrid solution, even if it is not at the level of the MagSpeed ​​of the last generation MX Masters.

Under the mouse, there is an on/off button and an Easy-Switch button, Logitech’s technology that allows you to connect a device to 3 different devices and easily switch from one computer to another. Finally, a small magnetic cover covers a Logibolt USB receiver – which is gradually replacing the Unifying – as well as a battery (included). This offers an autonomy of about 2 years depending on the brand, which is more than enough to see coming.

The slot under the mouse.

The slot under the mouse.

Points forts

  • Comfortable and ergonomic.

  • Silent buttons and wheel.

  • Efficient SmartWheel.

  • Enormous autonomy.

  • Available in a left-handed version.

  • Connection to three different devices.

  • Connexion Bluetooth et Logibolt.

Weak points

  • Imposing and not very practical to transport.

  • Not really suitable for large hands.

  • No horizontal scrolling on the wheel.


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The Lift is an excellent mouse and Logitech brings a model that is certainly a little less high-end than the MX Vertical, but more suitable for small hands, and this, for a more advantageous price. There are very practical features, such as connection to several devices and very quiet buttons, but it is above all its interesting and original ergonomics that provide good user comfort for those who spend a lot of time on their computer.

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  • Ergonomics

    Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5

  • Accuracy

    Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5



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