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Logitech brings the Litra Glow to the market. This is a lamp for on top of the edge of a screen, intended to better illuminate people who use a webcam. It is the first product in the Logitech for Creators series.

The Litra Glow is a webcam lamp that can be placed on the top edge of a screen. The exposure of the lamp can be set as desired. There are four buttons on the back of the lamp, with which the brightness and color temperature can be adjusted. The color temperature can be set between 3700 Kelvin and 5600 Kelvin. According to Logitech, the color temperature has been chosen in such a way that the Litra Glow can also be used if you work long hours in front of a webcam. It should prevent users from getting sore eyes.

On the back of the lamp are the on/off switch and a USB-C connection. The latter supplies the lamp with power. If the Litra Glow is connected to a computer via USB-C, it can also be controlled by software. This is possible via the existing Logitech G Hub software. Then not only can the value of brightness and color temperature be set, but the values ​​can also be stored in presets. Those presets can then be controlled via Logitech products with a G button. That’s not just some Logitech keyboards, but some Logitech-branded Blue headphones and microphones as well.

The Litra Glow is the first product in the Logitech for Creators series. Logitech will release more products there, such as microphones and webcams. A webcam with built-in lighting is not planned. The Litra Glow will appear in stores later this month and will have a suggested retail price of 69 euros.


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