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By Wolfgang Tischler

The 28th Corona Control Ordinance is due to come into force on Wednesday (November 24th). “We are putting clear rules into force nationwide, no distinction is made between rural districts and urban districts,” says Mainz.

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Region. The lockdown for the unvaccinated comes from Wednesday. Then the “2G” rule applies indoors to adults, said Health Minister Clemens Hoch when presenting the cornerstones of the new regulation. There will be exceptions for children and young people. Children under the age of twelve are generally excluded from this. According to the minister, the “3G” rule applies to children and young people between the ages of 12 and 17.

In principle, a mask requirement applies from Wednesday if the distance cannot be safely maintained, both for indoor and outdoor events. The mask can be omitted at the seat and when consuming food and drinks. Universities remain in 3G presence operation with customized solutions for each university. In future there will be two random tests per week in schools. In addition, it is mandatory to wear a mask in secondary schools.

Much has been said in the last few days about holding Christmas markets. “The state and local authorities agree that the” 2G “rule should also be applied wherever local conditions make it sensible, for example in the case of access controls,” said the minister.

The most important cornerstones of the 28th Corona Control Ordinance
The previously applicable warning level system based on the three main indicators ?? 7-day incidence ??, ?? 7-day hospitalization incidence ?? and? Share of intensive care beds? will not be continued. Instead, according to the 28th CoBeLVO, only the nationwide ?? 7-day hospitalization incidence ?? (= Number of newly admitted cases of hospitalization with COVID-19 diseases per 100,000 inhabitants) Standard for the respective protective measures.

Mask requirement for employees of institutions:

The previous possibility for employees of facilities to forego wearing a mask with a daily test is restricted: The mask requirement is only waived for the named employees if they are vaccinated or recovered (without having to submit a daily test ).

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Changes to compulsory tests (Section 3, Paragraph 5):
For the test obligation stipulated in the 28th CoBeLVO at the various points, this can now only be fulfilled by carrying out a (professional) rapid test by trained personnel (and no longer a self-test carried out under supervision) or by a PCR test. Exception (self-tests under supervision are also possible here): Tests of children and young people up to and including 17 years of age, testing of employees and employers, but this is not regulated in the 28th CoBeLVO, but in § 28 b IfSG.

Introduction of the 2G regulation:
Access to many areas of social life is only permitted for people who have recovered or who have been vaccinated. There are exceptions to this, on the one hand, for people who cannot be vaccinated against the coronavirus for medical reasons (a qualified medical certificate for the relevant diagnosis must be presented for this) and generally for children and adolescents up to and including 11 years of age. An additional test is required for children aged 12 to 17. In both exceptional cases, however, the relevant persons must then submit a test certificate in accordance with Section 3 (5) (not older than 24 hours).

The above 2G regulation applies in the following areas:
Events in closed rooms
Outdoor events with fixed seats with admission control
Indoor catering (exception: canteens and canteens as well as supply of professional drivers in motorway service stations)
in hotels, guest houses and youth hostels
Participation in coach or boat trips
for customers with body-hugging services (except for rehab sports and services for medical reasons)
for clients in the provision of face-to-face sexual services
Sports practice in amateur and recreational sports indoors
Indoor areas of swimming pools, thermal baths and saunas
Interiors of amusement parks, climbing parks and similar facilities
Amusement arcades, casinos and betting agencies
Interiors of zoos, animal parks, botanical gardens and the like
after-school music and art classes indoors
Rehearsals and performances of popular and lay culture
Interiors of museums, exhibitions and memorials,

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Special regulation for civil weddings:
The 2G regulation does not apply here. The compulsory test and – except for the married couple – the mask requirement apply here.

Subject to the approval of the Council of Ministers, which will meet on Tuesday, the regulation will come into force on Wednesday and will apply until December 15, 2021.

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