Living cabin burned – fire brigade prevented major fire in Strombad Kritzendorf

Created on June 11, 2022 | 08:50

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The fire brigade responded with 80 helpers


IA major fire was prevented in the Strombad Kritzendorf in the municipality of Klosterneuburg on Saturday night.

A residential cabin in a historic row of huts had gone up in flames for an initially unknown reason. The fire brigade deployed with 80 helpers and prevented it from spreading to the entire wooden building complex, reported Franz Resperger from the Lower Austria regional command.

A resident noticed a pungent smell of burning shortly after midnight. She found that only three cabins away, flames and thick smoke were pouring out of the windows. The woman called the fire department before she grabbed a garden hose and tried to keep the fire under control, Resperger said.

Just a few minutes later, a large contingent of emergency services rolled into the summer settlement with six tank fire engines. At this point, the cabin was already fully engulfed in flames. The flames threatened to spread to the entire row of huts. With a massive outside and inside grip, supported by several respiratory protection teams, the emergency services prevented the spread.

According to the fire department spokesman, the cabin affected by the fire was still uninhabited. She was severely damaged. After two hours, the last nest of embers was discovered and extinguished with a thermal imaging camera.



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