Livia Brito falls in love with everyone with her perfect silhouette

Livia Brito is having a 2022 full of jobs and successes. This is due to the great interpretations that he has made in recent times. A clear example of this was her leading role in the telenovela The Heartless which aired last year and had a record audience in various parts of the continent. Thanks to the repercussion that this television strip had, it premiered on Spanish TV in the month of February.

Earlier this year Livia Brito revealed in his networks his participation in the Mexican film “Unhappily ever after” which will be released in theaters on August 18. This film is a Mexican comedy that tells the story of Alfredo and María José, a couple who, after fifteen years of marriage, have realized that they cannot tolerate each other. Fed up with married life and the presence of the other, they are kept together, against their will, by the presence of their children.

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