Live with the editorial staff on January 10: 2023, a year of all challenges for the industry?

Energy crisis, rising wages, uncertain economic climate, protectionist offensive by the United States, search for talent, technological changes, accelerated decarbonization… How is the industry approaching the year 2023? The writing of The New Factory invites you to take stock of all these challenges on Tuesday, January 10 at 2 p.m. during a webinar. The 2023 Engineering School Ranking will be unveiled on this occasion.

After the repeated shock of the Covid and the shock of the war in Ukraine, we could have hoped for more peaceful months. Nothing will happen. It will be a year of colossal uncertainties and challenges. If we look at the glass half full, we are reassured by the strength of the job market. During our webinar, The New Factory will reveal the list of companies recruiting in the industrial sector. All professions are concerned. And the number of recruitments promises to be record.

It will also be an opportunity to present to you the long-awaited 2023 list of engineering schools, published this Tuesday, January 10 at the end of the morning.

If we rather see the glass half empty, we doubt. This tension in the labor market and inflation should continue to push wages up. This will force companies that can to raise their prices. However, only the largest and those in a leading position can afford it. The situation is much more difficult for many subcontractors and risks accelerating the counter of bankruptcies. It will therefore be necessary to have a strong heart to get through this year. The greatest uncertainty concerns, again and again, energy. Will we be able to make up for the lack of Russian gas and oil? Will we keep the maintenance schedule for our nuclear power plants? It is the sustainability of our industry that is at stake.

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Be there to discuss all these topics with our journalists:

  • Anne-Sophie Bellaiche – Editor-in-chief
  • Cécile Maillard – Deputy editor-in-chief
  • Solène Davesne – Head of Economics Department
  • Emmanuel Duteil – Editorial Director

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