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LIVE: Olimpia and Marathón play an intense classic for the leadership of the Apertura 2019! – Ten

34 minute: Yellow card for Jonathan Paz for foul against Edwin Solano.

29 minute: POSTEEEE! Cristian Maidana ran a good free kick that crashed into Marathon's horizontal. In the rebound, Jorge Benguché tried to shoot but his shot exploded in the emerald defense.

Minute 26: Yellow card for Allan Banegas for foul against Carlos Pineda.

18 minute: MARATHÓN SAVED! "Patón" Mejía won the right wing and sent a lagging ball that Edwin Rodríguez finished off and was deflected by goalkeeper Roberto "Pipo" López.

16 minute: The coach Héctor Vargas is cautioned for claims to the referee.

14 minute: THE BENGTSON HAD IT! Captain Ever Alvarado sent a cross from the left that headed Jerry Bengtson but the ball went high.

11 minute: Héctor Vargas has already sent Carlos Róchez to warm up and there could be an early replacement.

A duel of much contact is taking place in the National between Olympia and Marathon. Photo: Ronal Aceituno.

8 minute: Moments pressing Marathon passes in the game. German "Patón" Mejía served on the left for Edwin Rodríguez, the youth entered the area and finished off but his shot was rejected by Azmahar Ariano.

3 minute: Jerry Bengtson nudged Esteban Espíndola in the face of an air ball dispute. Marathon players claimed but the referee only sanctioned the infraction.

STARTED THE PARTY! Olimpia and Marathón face in the national classic for the leadership of the Apertura 2019.

3:50 PM: The teams go to the field in an excellent frame of fans for the national classic presence,

3:30 PM: The legionaries Romell Quioto and Kevin Álvarez are in the National Stadium to witness the classic between Olimpia and Marathón.

Romell Quioto and Kevin Álvarez will witness the national classic. Photo: Ronal Aceituno.

3:20 PM: The motivational video that Olimpia promoted prior to the national classic against Marathon.

3:15 PM: Marathón denounces in its networks a malfunction by the National Police in their transfer from the hotel to the stadium.

3:00 PM: Pedro Troglio modifies his starting lineup with three changes. Edrick Menjívar will defend the frame, Maylor Núñez will be the right back and Cristian Maidana replaces Matías Garrido in the left sector.


Olympia: 1. Edrick Menjívar, 2. Maylor Núñez, 17. Jonathan Paz, 16. Jhonny Leverón, 5. Ever Alvarado, 32. Carlos Pineda, 29. German Mejía, 12. Cristian Maidana, 15. Edwin Rodríguez, 27. Jerry Bengtson and 9. Jorge Benguché. DT: Pedro Troglio.

Substitutes: 22. Harold Fonseca, 25. Elvin Casildo, 6. Brayan Beckeles, 33. Rembrandt Flores, 10. Matías Garrido, 14. Júnior Lacayo, 30. Eddie Hernández.

Marathon: 1. Roberto López, 2. Bryan Barrios, 21. Esteban Espíndola, 4. Azmahar Ariano, 15. Kevin Espinoza, 16. Allan Banegas, 33. Kervin Arriaga, 10. Mario Martínez, 7. Carlos Discua, 30. Edwin Solano and 27. Yustin Arboleda. DT: Héctor Vargas.

Substitutes: 61. Luis Ortiz, 8. Carlos Róchez, 29. Bryan Johnson, 23. Mayron Flores, 9. Frelys López, 13. Carlo Costly, 31. Yerson Gutiérrez.



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