In Rotterdam, there is an outbreak of the coronavirus among students. According to the GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond, this concerns a group of ten to twenty people, but because source and contact research is still being conducted, the GGD expects the number of infections to increase considerably.

“The students who tested positive for the virus report having had close contacts and attending various social gatherings. We expect that more will definitely come out, ”says a spokesman for the GGD.

The GGD calls the outbreak among students in the city alarming. “This group is not used to ringing the bell for mild complaints, is less likely to be tested and is also less likely to stay at home with complaints. If someone has been in contact with someone who has tested positive, they must also be quarantined. We have noticed that students often do not understand this well and sometimes do not respond to it. We definitely have to get started with those signals. ”

The Rotterdam region is currently a frontrunner in the Netherlands when it comes to the number of new corona infections. The GGD does not have an explanation for this. The GGD, the municipality of Rotterdam and the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region will discuss the situation in the region on Monday.

Aboutaleb: ‘Extremely bad’

Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb considers the corona outbreak among Rotterdam students “a dangerous development.” He therefore invites the presidents of Rotterdam student associations for an interview on Tuesday.

At RTV Rijnmond, Aboutaleb calls the seat of fire among students, who probably contracted the virus during a private drink, “extremely bad.”

The Eurekaweek, the introduction week of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), will take place in August in Rotterdam. Aboutaleb: “If this is a precursor to this, I am very concerned.” Nevertheless, he says not to cancel it for the time being.

The RSC / RVSV, one of the student associations in the city, says not to fear that Eurekaweek will not take place. They also say that they do not recognize themselves in the image of the GGD, that students are less compliant with the regulations, even if they have complaints. “Our society is closed this summer, we don’t just do that,” said the chairman of the RSC / RVSV.

Rotterdam is currently a leader when it comes to the number of corona infections in the Netherlands. Aboutaleb therefore warns Rotterdam Muslims by means of a video not to come to the mosque with the sacrificial feast on Friday. “I try to discourage them: celebrate the sacrificial feast in your own household.”

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