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Little Kimora († 9) is the youngest corona fatality in Florida

By Nora Petig

Florida (USA) – Kimora Lynum (9) is in Putnam County on July 18 following an episode CoronavirusInfection died. This makes her the youngest victim in Florida, according to American media.

Little Kimora Lynum was only 9 years old. © GoFundMe / Dejeon Cain

How little Kimora got the virus at all is currently still completely unclear. The girl did not go to school during the pandemic and did not go to the summer camp. She was at home all summer and had no contact with corona patients, protested her family.

Still, she got infected somewhere and at some point. On July 18, she died after fatal complications.

Her cousin Dejeon Cain spoke about the dramatic case with the news channel “CNN”.

The grieving cousin said that she was always a happy girl and made everyone happy.

The girl’s mother had taken the nine-year-old to the hospital with a high fever before her premature death, he said. Nothing was known about previous illnesses, the Ministry of Health later confirmed.

The doctors sent Kimora Lynum back home. Shortly afterwards she collapsed. The Ministry of Health confirmed the death of the little girl on Thursday.

Her mother was tested for the virus on Saturday. The result is still pending. Her father was murdered in June.

The family collects donations

The grieving family is now collecting donations for the funeral costs of little Kimora on GoFundMe.

Despite the difficult fate, the family does not mourn in silence, but instead works publicly to ensure that schools in Florida are not reopened too early, reports “CBS4”. School start is planned for August 24th.

“The governor must be honest with the people. If he is not honest, he puts everyone at risk (…). We cannot use our children as chess pieces and put them outside the door to die,” says Cain, explaining his concerns Family. And further: “Kimmie was a beautiful soul who could not live her life, and if we do not get it under control, we will have more of it in this state.”

Still, the plan is there. Richard Surrency, superintendent of the Putnam County school district, justifies the early start of school with sufficient precautionary measures. Psychologists are on call and more cleaning staff have been hired. The schools are safe.

Kimora Lynum is the fifth child to have died of coronavirus infection in Florida. Previously, an 11 year old boy died in Miami-Dade County, an age girl in Broward County, a 16 year old girl in Lee County and a boy (17) in Pasco County.

Titelfoto: GoFundMe/Dejeon Cain