“Little bitch”: a sick girl declares her love for Mbappé and is lynched by Real Madrid supporters

Insults, threats … Real Madrid supporters violently attacked Camille, 8 years old with a congenital disease, who simply asked the player to stay at PSG …

Rumors about the departure of footballer Kylian Mbappé from PSG to Real Madrid are rife. But some supporters do not want to see him leave the French capital.

So much so that a little girl decided to send him a message via Twitter to convince him to stay in Paris.

8-year-old Camille has Vacterl syndrome, a rare congenital disease. She posted a cute message asking her favorite player to stay at PSG.

“Please stay at PSG and continue to make us dream for a long time to come”

On Sunday January 9, she posted a video via the Twitter account of the association “A smile for Camille” where she declared: “Hello Kylian, in Paris and in France, there are millions of supporters who like me really love you. So please, stay at Paris Saint-Germain and continue to make us dream for a long time to come. Kylian, I wish you a very happy new year with Paris Saint-Germain and the France team. I give you lots of big kisses, we love you.”

And she concludes her video with a hand gesture in the shape of a heart.

But this crisp video has apparently not been fully appreciated by Real Madrid supporters who would like the football star to join the Spanish capital.

And in a surprising wave of hate, they are let off steam via social networks about the little girl and her message.

Violent insults

Internet users have therefore attacked the little girl of the genre “Hush little bitch“, “she deserves a right“, “shut up little you are going to eat yourself a right “,” strongly that she makes a video where she whines because he’s gone“or” Ftg (shut your mouth) kid you don’t know anything about football, go back and learn your multiplication table. “

Accounts that have since been closed … but the damage was done and the surge of hate aroused by the video of a little girl is purely mind-blowing.

Stunned by this wave of hate

Messages denounced by the association A smile for Camille who posted a message in response.

Camille the courageous little warrior just wanted to declare her love to @KMbappe
We never could have imagined so much hate
Camille fights every day to distribute smiles
The sadness we feel tonight is equal to this violence
Stopud83dude4fud83cudffb#TeamPSG https://t.co/riHO2E7A45 pic.twitter.com/MYsHqtWxGD

– Association Un Sourire Pour Camille (@ 1SourireCamille) January 9, 2022

“Camille, the courageous little warrior just wanted to declare her love to Kylian Mbappé. We could never have imagined so much hatred. Camille fights every day to distribute smiles. The sadness that we feel tonight is living up to this violence. Stop.”

“We’re hitting rock bottom”

Kylian Mbappé’s response was not long in coming. The PSG player wanted to speak on Monday, January 10 to take his defense.

He said in a message on Twitter: “I also wish you a Happy New Year my little Camille. Keep fighting like you do, you give us all a lesson in life. The comments violence for a kid … We are really in bottoming out. It would be a question of recovering a little. “

I also wish you a happy new year my little Camille u2764 ufe0f ud83d ude4f ud83c udffd.
Keep on fighting like you do, you are teaching us all a lesson in life. u270a ud83c udffd

The violence of comments for a kid… We’re really hitting rock bottom. It would be a question of recovering a little. https://t.co/UgBTVnzhTB

— Kylian Mbappé (@KMbappe) January 10, 2022

To the best of my mind …


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