L’Isola dei Famosi, “My son sleeping with a woman right here?”. And Carmen Di Pietro blurts out – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

Carmen Di Pietro against all. Even against the son. The competitor of L’Isola dei Famosi, paired in the Canale 5 program with Alessandro, bursts out badly. Mom and son, among other things, in the last few days have been struggling with a bit of quarrels because they have had several discussions. Alexander he no longer sleeps with Di Pietro, who has taken it long enough. “Put the C of my name on your glass. Why do you make the A for Alessandro? Make the C come on and give me this thing here. And do it for your mom, then I’ll take it away when we get back. No you put the A, you did it for real! You shouldn’t have done this to me Alessandro, look that you have exceeded the limit. You just had to do the C as if to say ‘mom is a gift a thought for you’. I don’t like your path, you’re rebelling. “

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And again, in the transmission conducted by Ilary Blasi: “Someone brainwashed you. Who did it? Tell me the name. Who is washing you here? They may have told you ‘make a bad impression, become the big big baby’, but that’s not the case Alessandro. who is doing this wash for you”Says Carmen. And then she discovers that her son would have secluded himself with someone.

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Think about it Edoardo Tavassia throwing fuel on the fire. “But will you leave him alone for a while, this boy? Look, he’s 20 and sure he has already consumed with a woman. And you who still want kisses and sleep with you”, says Guendalina’s brother. “In what sense what about me has my son been with a woman? Oh my God but here on the island? And who? Don’t put these things in my head and then I’ll go crazy. Alessà, have you been with anyone? ”, Continues the web poet. Alessandro does not speak. For now, but a truth so uncomfortable for Carmen could come out.

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