Lisbon’s municipal deputies delivered addresses in Viana and Alentejo, depleted budget and forced AML president to suspend aid – Observer

They are municipal deputies in Lisbon, but they gave Viana do Castelo and Arronches (Alentejo) as their address, forcing the municipality to pay them respectively 274 e 150 euros for each meeting only in transport allowance for several months. Others, who lived a few kilometers away, also filled out the papers and received a few dozen euros for them. Result: the 4,500 euros paid on average from November 2021 to February 2022 became 7,400 euros only in the last month of May. The increase in spending made the president of the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, Rosário Farmhouse. suspend this support. After the controversy, some delegates gave up receiving, but this month the subsidy will be restored, at least for four delegates, including the one who lives in Alentejo.

To realize the hole in the beads, apply some simple math: with invoices of more than seven thousand euros per month, it would be impossible for the 46 thousand euros provided in the budget for 2022 to be enough. In fact, multiplying the seven thousand euros by the 12 months would require practically twice the amount provided in the budget: 84 thousand euros just to cover the expenses of deputies traveling to the Municipal Assembly.

Among the municipal deputies there are those who for a few months the payment for trips a little more than a kilometer of the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, but also those who declared that they live more than 200 or 350 kilometers from the Lisbon Forum, the building where the meetings of that municipal body take place.

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