Lionel Messi humiliated him and now he says that Mexico is the same as Argentina" alt="Lionel Messi festeja uno de sus goles contra Estonia" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-ssr="" data-hero="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">" alt="Lionel Messi festeja uno de sus goles contra Estonia" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">
Lionel Messi celebrates one of his goals against Estonia

During his stay in Spain, Lionel Messi broke all possible records. He was champion of the League, Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, Pichichi, among others. A coach who faced him several times and left humiliated, now referred to the Albiceleste, captained by the best in the world, and pointed out that “in a neutral field” it is the same as Mexico.

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This is Javier Aguirre. The Mexican coach, who currently manages Mallorca, referred to the level that El Tri has and compared it with the Argentine team. The ‘Vasco’, who could not face Messi during the stay of the ‘Flea’ in Spain, had no qualms about mentioning said statement.

In dialogue with Hugo Sánchez, former Tri scorer, Aguirre said: “We are not inferior to them, today, in a neutral field, we are not inferior to Argentina.” His statements come months before the World Cup, where the Scaloneta will face the Mexicans in the group stage.

Aguirre’s weakness for Messi:

The coach faced Lionel Messi when he directed Zaragoza, Espanyol and Leganés. He always had a bad time and an anecdote is remembered in 2019, prior to a match against the Catalans, where he stated: “Everyone has looked for the answer to stop Messi and there is none. I do not know! We must try not to make unnecessary fouls outside the area and that as few balls as possible reach him. He is one of a kind, the best in the world”.

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