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In an interview for France Football, Lionel Messi gives his version of how and why he left Barcelona. This comes hours after the president of the Catalan club, Joan Laporta, said that “I was hoping that he would say that he would play for free.”

Lionel Messi, at his Barcelona farewell press conference.


© GettyLionel Messi, at his Barcelona farewell press conference.

There is still the pain from Lionel Messi for his abrupt departure from FC Barcelona. This was demonstrated in his interview with the magazine France Football published this Saturday, where explained everything. For the Argentine, everything was settled, but when he returned from his vacation, he found the surprise that moved the entire soccer world.

Messi spoke with the journalist Florent Torchut for the prestigious French publication, precisely one day after the nominated for the Ballon d’Or. And also, a day after the statements of the president of the Barça, Joan Laporta, for RAC-1 where he stated that he had “Hoping Leo said he would play for free“These words caused some controversy in Europe and the crack himself explained what happened with his departure from the Catalan club.

It should be noted that Messi’s interview was given before Laporta’s words, so there is no precise answer to this statement, but there is one Explanation with details of the Argentine about how and why he had to leave Barcelona. He also expressed his feelings about it and that he had several offers to continue his career, in addition to that of Paris Saint Germain.

If I expected it? Frankly no. I returned to Barcelona to prepare for the season after taking advantage of the vacation that (Ronald) Koeman gave me. The idea was to sign the contract and start training immediately. I thought that everything was fixed and that only my signature was missing, but when I arrived in Barcelona, ​​they told me that it was no longer possible, that I couldn’t stay and that I had to find another club, because Barça did not have the means to extend myself. Changed my plans“, he counted.

Barcelona could not fulfill what it had promised to Messi, but they never sat down again to renegotiate and that led him to have to look for alternatives. “The club issued a statement saying it was not going to proceed. From that moment on I began to wonder how I was going to recover. I had to find a new club to continue my career. I was lucky enough to be contacted by several, including PSG, who treated me very well from the beginning: showed that they really loved and cared for me. I thank you because today I am very happy“, he assured.

Beyond his happiness today, leaving Barcelona is something that he did not expect and that, in hindsight, he still suffers. “It was extremely difficult to accept (his departure from Barça). To think that we were going to have to leave the house and that the family was going to have to turn their routine upside down … The children were going to have to change schools and accompany us to a new place. It was the first time this had happened to me in my career. We had decided, my family and I, that I was going to finish my degree in Barcelona. It was very difficult, but we managed to pass this test together. Many things went through my mind, but I had no choice but to leave“, he lamented.


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