[L'instant tech] How Airbus is pushing the limits of pilot assistance

[L'instant tech] How Airbus is pushing the limits of pilot assistance

Airbus unveils the DragonFly project, which aims to improve assistance to aircraft pilots through the development of advanced digital technologies. Usine Nouvelle had access to the team of experts in charge of this demonstrator prefiguring the flight systems of tomorrow.

Conducted discreetly for two years, one of the most ambitious projects of Airbus is revealed. On Thursday January 12, the European aircraft manufacturer formalized the existence of DragonFly, a program which aims to push the limits of aircraft piloting assistance via a battery of technologies, from artificial intelligence to voice recognition, in through massive data collection. Started in mid-2022, the test campaigns carried out with an A350-1000 will continue in 2023 and will deliver their first results in stride. L’Usine Nouvelle went to meet the team in charge of this demonstrator which shows the flight systems of tomorrow, destined to become more and more autonomous.


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