Links to right-wing extremists: Soldier under suspicion of terrorism

In Neubrandenburg, the police searched the house of a soldier. According to taz research, it is a martial artist.

The SEK searched the house of a soldier in Sponholz because of links to right-wing extremists Photo: Felix Gadewolz / dpa

BERLIN taz | SEK deployment on Monday morning in Sponholz near Neubrandenburg: Around 70 officers from the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania police search the living and office space of a house directly on the B96. A security company has its headquarters here. And a soldier lives here who is being investigated for preparing a serious state-endangering act of violence. Suspicion of terrorism.

According to taz information, the soldier is called Matthias D., is 40 years old and stationed in the Tollense barracks in Neubrandenburg. This is the location of the 41st Panzer Grenadier Brigade. According to an older local newspaper report, he has been to Afghanistan several times in the past to train a special unit there. According to Nordkurier D. is currently working for a security company that is not in his name.

The Rostock public prosecutor announced that the search was mainly carried out using electronic media in order to substantiate or refute the suspicion. The public prosecutor’s spokesman, Harald Nowack, did not want to say how the suspect was supposed to have planned to endanger public safety. Just this much: Don’t assume that the accused is part of a group. Nor that there is or was any danger to the population.

Rather, the plans are said to have been directed against individuals who are, however, active in security-related positions. “It’s not about a specific number of people who should be attacked by him. It’s about individual people, ”Nowack told taz. And: “It can sometimes be that you are a little big of age.” It could therefore be that the suspect was not aware of the seriousness of certain statements.

Nickname “Odin”

A spokeswoman for the MAD told the taz that the searches on Monday were also preceded by extensive investigations by the military counter-intelligence service and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

The accused Matthias D. has been a martial artist for a Rostock martial arts club for many years. In the past, D. also offered self-defense courses for children. The former kickboxing world champion entered the ring under the name “Odin” at an annual martial arts event organized by the La Familia Fightclub in Halle an der Saale. Well-known right-wing extremists and organized neo-Nazis can also be found among the participants.

D. also competes for the First Fight Team Neubrandenburg. In the past, this was repeatedly noticed due to right-wing extremist activities by its members. The head coach of the martial arts club is Ronny S., the security company in D’s house is registered under the same surname.

A spokesman for the Tollense barracks told the taz that they would first wait for the investigation before deciding on drastic disciplinary measures, such as a ban on wearing a uniform. The person concerned will not continue to perform his service for the time being.


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