Combative and free: The Leipzig film festival »globaLE« (2019)

Learn Business English in 30 days! Can you already? Then train yourself a six-pack in two weeks! Have you ever? Anyone who adheres to such self-optimization nonsense can use a crash course in a critical worldview: three months, free of charge, entertaining, next to work. That is what the globalization-critical film festival »globaLE« in Leipzig offers – despite Corona. From July 31 to November 7, the organizers will present a program of documentaries and feature films several nights a week at various locations in the city, which could even change the blackest reactionary: The film »Das Mafiaparadies – Cuba before the 1959 revolution «(2012), which gives an impression of the time when the mafia bosses Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano, with the support of the CIA, transformed the Caribbean island into the» brothel of the USA «. After the film, the director Hans-Peter Weymar, Ivet López Rodríguez (Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the FRG) and the jW-Author Volker Hermsdorf discuss the film and today’s sanctions and blockade policies against socialist Cuba. In keeping with this, “Por la Vida – For Life” (2016) is running on Saturday. The film accompanies the Cuban doctors of the Henry Reeve brigade in the fight against Ebola in West Africa.

But it’s not just about Caribbean socialism. »Faschismus AG« (2014), for example, shows how industrialists and bankers in Greece in the 20s and 30s promoted fascism in order to smash leftist movements and unions. “Fire in the Blood” (2013) thematizes how pharmaceutical companies take legal action against the spread of cheap AIDS drugs and thus harm those infected in the “third world”. “Displacement has many faces” (2014) gives an insight into the process of gentrification in Berlin. “The Cleaners” (2018) unveils the shadow industry in the Philippine capital Manila, where tens of thousands of people have to delete incriminating content on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Co. every day in ten-hour shifts on behalf of the large Silicon Valley companies to help us in the West to spare the disturbing garbage.

Taken together, the films give an exhaustive picture of exploitation in the globalized world. If this is not combative by November 8th, you will get your money back. Oh, we forgot: The festival is of course free of charge. (jW)