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Lina Tejeiro He reappeared on social networks after being absent for some time. The actress made a video for her YouTube channel, where she told her followers the reason for her absence and her, In a kind of ‘Talk Show’, he talked about his relationship with different entertainment personalities, including the ’10’ of the Colombian National Team, James Rodríguez.

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In the conversation she had with her artistic representative, Claudia Serrato, the interpreter of ‘Padres e Hijos’ also spoke about his attempt to resume his love relationship with reggaeton player Andy Riverabut as heard on the recording, that did not work.

Near the end of the video, his colleague hands him a picture of James. She, with a smile on her face, began to talk about her relationship with the current Al Rayyan player from Qatar. The details surprised more than one, who did not know about the close friendship that celebrities have had for some years.

James Rodríguez will go to the summer market to leave the Qatari league.

‘If something is born, I don’t get angry’

The conversation had a rather funny tone, as the actress began to make jokes about the former Real Madrid player and the possibility of meeting in the near future to “patch”, taking into account that the footballer is in Colombia at the moment.

I really value what we have built as a friendship because we are really just friends.

“We have been close friends for many years. People don’t know it, but we’ve been close friends for many yearssince he was in Porto or before (…) We get along very well, I admire him too much, he seems like a boar, thrown forward, an excellent father and very handsome, by the way, ”said Tejeiro.

She was very clear in saying that despite having a very good friendship, It has never crossed his mind to maintain a love relationship with the playeralthough he was able to joke about the possibility of an affair.

“The Chinese makes good goals, let him come and score one for me (laughs). He is very handsome, very smart, very intelligent. I really value what we have built as a friendship because we are really just friends. And if something else is born, I don’t get angry, ”he said amid laughter.

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He ended by making jokes about the controversy that his comments on the ’10’ were going to generate, since he clarified that the media were already thinking of the appropriate headlines to comment on what was said on his YouTube channel. Similarly, she was also able to say with a laugh, “That might be a good time for James to really try something.”

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