Lilly Becker (45), the ex-wife of tennis legend Boris Becker (53), had a date with Finch (31). The German rapper, whose real name is Nils Wehowsky, asked the Dutch woman for a date on Instagram. “You have to meet a man who’s not so snobbish. Who doesn’t live in this high-class world. You have to meet someone who has stayed on the ground and with whom you can relax and unwind, ”he writes. “And thats me.”

Lilly Becker dated Rapper: “Have nothing to lose”(01:11)

So Finch asked Antisocial, as he used to be called, after all for a decent, quiet, social date – and he even paid. An offer that Lilly Becker obviously couldn’t refuse. «Finch anti-social, ok, let’s go… Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose, right… (partly: why not? I have nothing to lose, right…) », replied the 45-year-old. Her only condition: the rapper must travel to her in London.

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