Apparently the couple had a conflict around the christening of their little daughter Lilibeth.

Some time after Oprah Winfrey’s controversial interview with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, it seemed that the calm in British royal family life had returned to normal and that the Dukes of Sussex had already adapted better to living away from the monarchy.

Nevertheless, apparently the couple had a conflict around the christening of their little daughter Lilibeth. The discussion would have occurred while they were in New York in September, where they made their first major public appearance, after resigning from their royal duties, is stated in a post by Infobae.

“Meghan and Enrique had a glimpse of smiles at the event, but inside they weren’t good “, a witness commented to the medium In Touch. The night before the couple would have had a strong argument.

Lilibeth has just turned four months old (she was born on June 4) and her parents want to baptize her. Apparently, the actress wanted that to happen in London, as they did with their first son Archie, in a private ceremony held at Windsor Castle and officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle on the cover of Time, among the 100 most influential in the world

In New York, the dukes stayed at the elegant Carlyle Hotel, which was Princess Diana’s favorite place in that city. In the lobby bar they met a friendly couple, designer Misha Nono, and her husband. According to witnesses, Meghan was the one who was most active, and the prince was seen as quiet. When they left the place, the unexpected fight between the two would have occurred.

“What started as an argument ended in a heated fight where there was screaming,” according to witnesses. Not only that, everything would have been recorded in an audio, since much of what happened on the trip will be included in the docuseries for Netflix that the couple is recording. Everything was planned for Lilibeth to meet her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and that on that occasion she was baptized in London. In fact, after New York, they would fly to their home in California to prepare the necessary and go to the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, Enrique considers that it is not a good idea and decided otherwise. “Besides having to deal with all the publicity that would get him, Enrique feels that it makes sense to give his family more time to calm things down. To be honest he prefers a small uncomplicated ceremony for Lilibet in California ”, said a close friend who knows well how were those minutes of tension between the two.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited the rebuilt World Trade Center and the 9/11 memorial in New York

The sources consulted by In Touch, They point out that Meghan would be “desperate” for Lilibeth to have a baptism ceremony similar to her brother’s. “She wants me to have a princess title,” assure the confidants. Apparently, a reproach had even leaked into the discussion: that Enrique puts the royal family before his “Even after everything they put him through,” by Meghan.

“Enrique and Meghan did not speak in private for 24 hours”, mentioned the source.

A failed attempt

Henry, in an attempt to reconcile, would have sent Elizabeth II the offer that the Sussex family travel to England so that, at least, the meeting occurs and the Queen meets her new granddaughter, but that would not have happened.

Apparently such a meeting is a long way from becoming a reality, as Buckingham sources claimed that They were even considering not inviting the couple for Christmas. After the explosive interview they gave and where they made serious accusations of racism by the crown, the family would not be welcome. From the palace they have leaked to the tabloids that Enrique’s possible offer is almost an insult.

Little Lilibet, daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is eighth in the line of succession to the British monarchy

Before this, Lady Di’s youngest son would have decided to back down, which would have caused the heated argument with his wife. This significant fact adds to many that show the tension between the British family and the Dukes of Sussex. (E)

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