After the much-discussed Ibiza incident, Jaimie decided to stay on her favorite island with her son Lío. Jorik – as the rapper is really called – still lives in the Netherlands, but in various Stories by both Jaimie and Kleine you can now see how the rapper rejoins his family.

The island gives Jamie a calm and safe feeling. “I need to be able to think without being influenced by my partner or the hard assumptions I read everywhere and nowhere. This is how I would stay with Jorik because I would be financially dependent on him. He still helps Lío and me , even though we are on a break, but I also help myself,” she recently said in a candid interview with LINDA.girls.

For Jaimie it is crazy to see Jorik, she said earlier in her own reality series. “It feels very uncomfortable when he is suddenly here. I think it is very good that we are not in each other’s aura for a while. He is of course the father of my child, so you continue to see each other. But it is very different from that you live together in a house. It is still a bit awkward and very early.”

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