Lightyear creator calls retrograde countries to censor film

The creators of the new success of Pixar “Lightyear” they were calm in statements to AFP before its ban in several Muslim countrieswhose authorities rejected a kiss between two female characters of the tape.

Buzz Lightyear is one of the protagonists of the planetary mega-success “Toy Story”an astronaut obsessed with being the hero of any adventure, and whose popularity has earned him to be the protagonist of a separate film.

But brief kiss between two women in the movie provoked criticism in more than a dozen Muslim-majority countrieswhich banned the tape Disney (owner of Pixar studios).

They warned us that it could happen“, recognized the producer of “Lightyear“, Galyn Susmanin a telematic interview with AFP.

But we weren’t going to change the movie we wanted just for a handful of countries with retrograde viewsto put it mildly,” he said.

The kiss between the two womenwho have a child, makes it clear to the viewer that it is a homosexual couple.

the director of the film, Angus MacLaneassured that the idea of ​​altering the script was not contemplated.

We made our movie and they didn’t want to see it, no problem“, he assured AFP.

For Susmanthe debate is absurd considering that there are classics of Disneylike “Bambi”, in which traumatic situations occur for a childLike losing your mother.

I personally didn’t want my kids to watch movies where the mother dies when they were little.“, he explained.

Everyone has their own idea of ​​what is acceptable to watch together as a family.“, he added.

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The movie “Lightyear” narrates the adventures of the famous astronaut doll in the future. The arrogant galactic captain has to save his team after landing on a dangerous planet.



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