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There were severe thunderstorms in large parts of Switzerland on Thursday night with practically no announcement.

Heavy thunderstorms and hailstorms erupted over large parts of the canton of Bern on Thursday night. The thunderstorms in the Emmental and Oberaargau were particularly violent. There were large hailstones in Münchringen and near Burgdorf.

The thunderstorms were also accompanied by hail in Kerns/OW. According to SRF Meteo, further downpours and thunderstorms are also possible on Thursday morning.

There was also a thunderstorm cell with embedded hail in the Lake Constance region. Almost 5,000 lightning bolts were counted across Switzerland. There were also thunderstorms with heavy rain in Central Switzerland and the Engadin.



Impressive flashes were also seen in Central Switzerland.

Christopher Theiler

The Basel and Lausanne regions issued a red level severe weather warning on Thursday night. Lightning activity in Basel and the surrounding area is high. The front is moving from the southwest to the northeast at a speed of 47 kilometers per hour. The warning applies until 3:30 a.m. on Thursday morning.

There should be thunderstorms in eastern Switzerland until Thursday noon. In the west it dries up. During the day the sun shines in the west. The maximum values ​​are between 29 and locally 33 degrees.

On Friday and Saturday it will be mostly sunny with muggy temperatures of 32 to 36 degrees locally.

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