Those who spend more than two hours a day in front of the television face health problems and a shorter lifespan. This is reported by a recent study by the University of Glasgow. With a restriction to a maximum of two hours of television per day, one can counteract this risk significantly. The research team involved recently published these findings in the English-language specialist journal “Mayo Clinic Proceedings”.

Long-term study with around 500,000 participants

As part of the present study, the research team analyzed the data from almost 500,000 subjects between the ages of 37 and 73 over a period of twelve years. The focus was on the time spent in front of the television and its effects on the health of the participants. But only ordinary television played a role. The researchers did not consider watching videos on a smartphone or tablet. The result: According to the research team, more than two hours of television a day increased the risk of developing cancer or cardiovascular diseases. However, if the daily TV time was less than two hours, this risk decreased. If this had been the case for all subjects, 5.62 percent of all deaths and 7.97 percent of deaths could have been prevented by cardiovascular diseases, the experts estimate.

Rather exercise than sitting for hours

Sitting too much is known to be bad for your health. For this reason, the researchers advise to reduce the time in front of the television as much as possible. However, further studies are needed to establish a precise time frame and specific guidelines so that no health damage occurs. Nevertheless, the research team found that eating sweets and chips and lower socioeconomic status often go hand in hand with TV viewing for a long time. When combined, these factors can cause even more harm to health. Instead of sitting on the couch for hours, the researchers therefore recommend more active alternatives, such as walks or generally time in the fresh air and exercise. Apparently, physical activity has an even more positive effect on people who normally tend to move little.

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