Lies of workers with their bosses is a labor fraud

  • In the workplace, lying can be inconvenient for the employee, his boss or even the team.

  • 75 percent of human talent specialists indicated that they had detected various lies in the candidates’ resumes.

  • Among the most common lies of employees is to say that they are sick.

Lies is a bad behavior that a human being can do and with that affect many factors in his life, including workers. An investigation carried out by the SAP Concur ssession forum, every 10 minutes a worker lies to his bosses and this can become a labor fraud.

When we define lie, according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), it is an expression or manifestation contrary to what is known, believed or thought. Given this definition in the psychological environment, it can be mentioned that telling lies is an inherent part of human beings and has an explanation, since experts point out that it is a “behavior apprehended by different situations and to avoid social friction.”

In the workplace, lying can be an inconvenience both for the employee, for his boss or even for the entire work team. A study by Career Builder, points out that in the United States, 75 percent of human talent specialists indicated that they had detected various lies in the resumes of candidates in 2017, Therefore, this initial lie before entering and filling a job position can turn into disloyal behavior that affects the organization in the short and long term.

Every 10 minutes an employee lies to his boss

In a forum where various guests from the world’s industrial sector were present, it was revealed that every 10 minutes an employee lies to his boss. This figure was analyzed by Ariel Varela, Renault’s new business manager, who detailed at the event that “When a person lies to obtain a personal benefit, there is an impact on the trust of the work team”.

The executive mentions that with a lie you can lose credibility, so this generates a decrease in the productivity of a company. Likewise, the manager stated that honesty increases the trust of a team.

Given this, he explains that Renault decided to implement a strategy with the help of Big Data to identify fraud in each of the lies of the employees.

“Today there is no case of fraud. We take out the figure of the leader and now it is a self-control that is done. It is to follow the clear and transparent rules. This makes the collaborator know what he can and what he cannot do, ”said Varela in the forum.

In this sense, the report mentioned that not every lie of an employee within a company becomes a business fraud, since there are any types of deception by the workers.

The report mentions that the most common lies among employees are: saying they are sick, which is an action that is incurred by more than 84 percent of workers, followed by 65 percent of employees, who lie about a family emergency , What also another 65 percent of workers invent a personal problem, 60 percent create a false medical appointment and 31 percent of workers lie about the death of a relative.

The study found that only 24 percent of employees say they don’t cheat on others in the workplace.

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