Lies and truths in the Imamoglu case

In the past, political actors used to bend and ignore a truth so that it would not reach the public. At least they wouldn’t lie openly. Now stop bending it, lying is a thousand dollars. It’s just the era of “post truth”… Even though their lies are exposed, many politicians don’t ask me, are they even around? “hero” It’s like walking around.
One of the most typical of this type is the IMM President. Ekrem Imamoglu
the previous day ImamogluHe had a case. The trial was postponed, but that day the courthouse corridors rang with the political lies of bald politicians. Noone Altai, Seyit Torun heavy artillery like CHP, “The government’s political rivals suppressed by the judiciary” he kept saying.
So, what was the case in which İmamoğlu was tried, and opposition politicians were put under pressure?
One thing is clear: the case in question was not a political case and İmamoğlu was not on trial for his political views. Do you know what he was on trial for?

“To the members of the Supreme Election Board from insult…”
As you can see, it’s an insult. has a lawsuit and the plaintiffs are also Supreme Election Chairman and members of the Board.
Let’s read only the following entry from the indictment of the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor:

Supreme Election Board by the Presidency 15/11/2019 made by writ of in a criminal complaint in summary; Istanbul Elected as Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu’s decision to cancel the election in relation to Monday, November 4, 2019 press release on the day ’31 Those who cancel the election in March are idiots…’ to the members of the board with the words insulting…”

accused and that announcement with audio recording The one who sent it to the prosecutor’s office with a CD Supreme Election Board.
Imamoglu knows this fact like honey. His recklessness is much more evident today. to those who support him, “The whistle comes trot” said, “Be smart” As the Supreme Election Board warned to its members “idiot” it’s okay to say does not see.
Although he says in his first defense to the court that he does not mean them and that the rhetoric does not target a particular person, he later realizes that this is not enough and turns his route to a political name: Minister of Interior. Süleyman Soylu‘ya …

“This case is with me He is among the Minister.”
The aim is very clear, to politicize the case… However, it is not Minister Soylu who brought the case, but the Presidency of the Supreme Election Board…
objecting to this Minister Noble‘s lawyer Ugur Kizilca to court He applied and said:

“Ekrem Imamoglu, insult get rid of guilt and/or defense for less punishment as a tactic in the investigation phase from his defense differently, this time you mean my client who is the minister declared.”
Of course fondas media and social media This is where it comes into play, “lie” presented as real.
This painting is for me, before the 60 stroke MeanderHe reminded the media environment that attacked . It is clear that journalists in particular have not learned lessons from the recent past. Just this example will suffice.
the previous day US businessman Murdoch’s Fox TVfrom each other in from 5 journalists with very different ideas(!) one of my fellow countrymen Sea Zeyrek, Imamoglu commented on his case as follows:

“There can be no such indictment. The minister himself is the vote of millions to an elected mayor sees the right to call him a fool no lawsuit is filed. Mayor He says ‘I am returning it’, and a lawsuit is filed against him. So there is such a situation.”
Neither of these determinations is correct. Perception this is exactly what is called… But all the even these to make a political actor authentic. not enough.

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