Lidl, Kaufland and Co.: New ban applies from 2022! New rule when shopping

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A product says goodbye from the new year. Consumers must switch to alternatives. That changes when shopping from January 1st.

An unusual year lies behind everyone – the corona pandemic required changes for everyone – no matter what opinion you have on rules, vaccinations and the political handling of Covid-19. There were always new rules when it came to shopping. And in 2022 something will change again at the tills of Lidl, Rewe, Kaufland and Co. For once, this change has nothing to do with Corona. Do you already know?

Changes in purchasing from 2022: Product will be banned from now on

Environmentalists should be pleased with the new regulation because it affects plastic bags. But of course there are exceptions here too. “One of the best-selling products will be removed from the range of all supermarkets and discounters forever,” writes the West to change at the turn of the year. It goes on to say: “From January 1st, plastic bags may no longer be offered at German checkouts!”

No more plastic bags when shopping? There are exceptions

But be careful: Only standard bags with a wall thickness between 15 and 50 micrometers are now completely banned. Sturdy reusable bags are retained. And the bags for loose fruit and vegetables don’t have to say goodbye to the supermarkets and discounters either. And here’s a really big surprise: Environmentalists prefer the plastic variant! Although many also offer paper bags for vegetables, they are not necessarily doing the environment any favors.

Hasn’t that been the case for a long time? Yes and no. Plastic bags will not be legally banned until the New Year. However, many branches had voluntarily switched earlier. The plastic bag ban is not the only innovation that consumers will see from 2022.

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