Lidl is offering this e-bike 800 euros cheaper: We’ll do the check


Lidl is reducing the price of the Zündapp Z808 e-mountain bike by 33 percent. The e-bike is 800 euros cheaper. We do the check – is the offer worth it?

This Zündapp e-bike is now available from Lidl. (Source: Lidl)

  • The Zündapp Z808 e-MTB is currently being advertised in Lidl’s online shop.
  • The recommended retail price is 2,399 euros.
  • Lidl reduces the price by 33 percent, so that only 1,599 euros are due.

You still haven’t found what you are looking for in our new e-bike products of the season, are you still looking for a suitable eBike? Even the latest Aldi offer (999 euros) wasn’t for you? Then let’s take a look at this E-MTB from Zündapp that is currently available from Lidl. Bargain or not?

Let’s start with the EIA

If the Zündapp e-bike were in stores at the recommended retail price of 2,399 euros, we would clearly advise against buying it. Only the reduced price of around 1,600 euros makes the offer interesting.

Zündapp Z808 on offer at Lidl

Although the price is below the average price paid for e-bikes, some offers repeatedly break the 1,000 euro mark. The Lidl offer is somewhere in between.

Lidl advertises the e-mountain bike as a “solid hardtail pedelec electric bike”. The description is fair, because the offer lacks a few attributes for a real E-MTB.

In the purchase advice you will find out what to look for when buying an e-bike and where typical pitfalls lurk.

For example, the manufacturer with a service network in Germany installs a wheel hub motor of unknown origin in the rear wheel. Typically, eMTBs arrive with a center motor with a favorable center of gravity. In off-road terrain, rear-wheel motors encourage spinning tires and make progress more difficult.

Battery built into the frame

Another disadvantage: The battery from the Greenway brand with a capacity of 504 watt hours basically offers enough juice for longer stages (range according to the manufacturer between 45 and 100 kilometers) and has a practical USB port for charging the smartphone.

Unfortunately, Zündapp apparently installed the battery permanently in the frame. In any case, the manufacturer’s description does not indicate that the battery can be removed. This contributes to a harmonious appearance of the pedelec, but in everyday life it means that you always have to push or carry the entire bike to the socket.

Fiido X

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E-bike innovations for 2021

The suspension fork comes from the well-known manufacturer Suntour, and the 23 kilogram e-mountain bike with aluminum frame does not have rear suspension. The Alivio gearshift comes more from the lower Shimano shelf, offering 24 gears and thus enough intermediate levels to be able to move the two-wheeler without a battery.

The disc brakes are a positive eye-catcher. The description of Lidl mostly refers to hydraulic disc brakes from Promax. In some places, however, there is also talk of mechanical disc brakes, so it remains unclear which type it is. Hydraulic disc brakes offer more precise pressure points and, thanks to the lack of a cable, are more robust and require less maintenance.

Netzwelt mean: to buy or not?

The Zündapp Z808 is available from Lidl for around 1,600 euros not a bad, but also not a great deal. The E-MTB is not suitable for sporty activities, it is more of a bad-road bike than a downhill hunter.

With the exception of the suspension (Suntour) and gearshift (Shimano), the built-in components come from second-tier suppliers, which benefits the price.

At Lidl Online 1.599 Euro*


We couldn’t find a cheaper price for the model, other dealers either offer it at a higher price or charge hefty shipping fees. Lidl only adds a flat-rate shipping fee of just under ten euros. Fair! You can find more information here and buy the e-bike from Lidl.

possible alternatives

If you can spend around 2,000 euros and are mainly on the road and on forest trails, we recommend you take a look at the VanMoof S3 or the Cowboy C4 / C4 ST that we tested. In the purchase advice, we will tell you what it is generally worth paying attention to when buying an e-bike.

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