Lidl hits hard and offers its espresso coffee machine at a low price for the summer sales!

Lidl is not a brand like all the others, it is obvious. He is the leader in good deals! Initially, specializing in food, today the store has expanded all of its ranges. In particular, in household appliances and he even launches clothing! We still have in mind his famous sneakers in the colors of the brand which have infused a real fashion.

Lidl, new promotion to be snapped up without further delay!

Lidl, the giant of the distribution at low prices has not ceased to amaze us! For the summer sales, he has a new product that caffeine enthusiasts will love! Find out for yourself …

Lidl, the King of broken prices!

Lidl is almost 100 years old. And since its creation in the 1930s, the German leader has evolved a lot. As proof, its commercial development has no equal and continues to grow. He holds his success with a very simple rule. Indeed, logically putting the consumer at the center of its ambitions. Lidl may be the king of bargains, but the customer is the king of his stores, that’s for sure! Thus, the brand is often talked about with its promotions that consumers are snapping up. In addition to the very attractive prices, the quality of the products also follows! What happiness! This allows it to position itself on the market as a must.

We inevitably remember his buzz shots with his sewing machine or even his wireless speaker. And even better, Lidl sold a jacuzzi! Yes, you read that right ! He is even starting to get into the travel business. To the editorial staff d’Objeko, we have not tested, but why not! To celebrate the return to normal life and take advantage of the summer period, Lidl will give everything. Indeed, customers are more than spoiled: swimming pools, ice machines, outdoor furniture, barbecues… Everything has been thought of to make you have a great summer. The promotions add up and today, we give you the topo of the youngest. Caffeine lovers are more than happy.

Summer sales, it’s here!

Lidl offers you an espresso machine with exceptional functions. It’s simple, it’s one of the best in its category. We can give you some of its services and they are numerous. An ideal dimension of 21 cm by 29 cm, a perfect power of 1,100 W and also a filter with two outputs. This last feature is very practical since you can serve two cups at the same time. A guaranteed saving of time. And it’s not finished yet ! The device even has a steam nozzle. So your hot drinks would be really similar to those in restaurants and bars. The tank is also correct, because its capacity is 1.5 liters.

She does everything on her own like a grown-up

In addition, there is no need to stay next to the machine during preparation. Indeed, you will not even have to manage the shutdown since it is done automatically. Of course, you will also have essential accessories such as descaler and a measuring spoon. And of course, the whole thing comes at an unbeatable price. Like always, Lidl did strong! The distributor offers you this espresso machine for less than 70 euros all inclusive. So, for only 69.99 euros, you are going to acquire a competition machine. You will delight your guests with coffees worthy of the name.

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Usually this type of machine is worth a small amount, but Lidl always think smart. For coffee lovers, this promotion is waiting for you! And if you don’t have time to go to the store, no problem, the product is online. So go ahead, go for it! Note July 19 in your diaries to take advantage of this great offer. Anticipate stockouts and take care of yourself anyway. We know that crowd movements at Lidl can be fatal! Indeed, we inevitably remember the launch of their new food processor. In the Vendin-le-Vieil store in Pas-de-Calais, there were only 24 products available. Suddenly, customers literally rushed into the shelves to tear themselves away. And the operation turned into a drama. Indeed, a young woman of barely 30 years old fell and was simply trampled… It’s racing! Ready, set, go !

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