Liberty City could be the location of GTA V Online’s next hit, according to a leak. Several days ago, Rockstar Games confirmed that the GTA V online mode would receive big updates Throughout this year, one of which will arrive this summer, offering all its players a fun mix of new and diverse content with the wide variety of experiences of the game itself. While Red Dead Online has already received its big update after so many months, and now, various rumors / leaks are hinting at the possible location of GTA Online’s new hit.

As confirmed by Rockstar Games, GTA Online will receive its biggest update later this year, just when the latest version of The Heists will take place in a whole new location. And now, a well-known Reddit filter called Markothemexicam, which has already managed to successfully filter important information about GTA V in the past, claims to know that Liberty City will be the location of the next hit of GTA V Online. This “information” was provided by a colleague who works at Rockstar Games.

  • After pressuring his partner after Rockstar’s announcement about the updates, he told her that the location of the new Coup would be Liberty City, one of the most emblematic cities of the saga.
  • Niko Bellic, protagonista de Grand Theft Auto IV, would return under the voice of Michael Hollick.
  • The Coup will consist of stealing a lot of gold in Liberty City.
  • The maximum prize of the Coup is $ 10 million.
  • Numerous free mode activities and quick jobs will be added, all in Liberty City.

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Liberty City could be the location of GTA V Online's next hit

We remind you that until there is an official confirmation from Rockstar, none of this will be true, although the “information” has come from a well-known filter. We can only wait for the American company to reveal new details of its upcoming GTA Online updates.