Lian Ross presents his new single “Take My Hand” – La Voz

Lian Ross presents his new single “Take My Hand” – La Voz

Take My Hand is the third single from the new album”4You” of Lian Ross. The song is a bit cooler than the others, still in line with Eurodisco but includes some electric guitars played by the Modern Talking guitarist’s disciple. With this, the producer louis rodriguez He has managed to preserve the originality of his everlasting and characteristic sound created from the 80s. Lian Ross is pure joie de vivre, not only as a singer, but also as a person.

The new album fulfills all the dreams of fans of the 80s sound. Unsurprisingly, it has been produced by Luis Rodríguez (music legend and creator of the 80s/90s sound of Modern Talking, CC Catch, London Boys , etc.).
The sounds implemented in Take My Hand unleash all the brilliance of German artist Lian Ross.

The songs sound in perfect symbiosis of innovative and faithful eurodisco sounds, catchy melodies and captivating vocals. The highlights of the album are his hit single “Can You Love Me”, “We Live Forever”, “Take My Hand” and the anthem “My Symphony”. In addition, the album includes two bonus tracks: “Touch Me”, with 2 Eivissa, and the project “Moving On”, in collaboration with Dr. Alban and Admiral C4C.
The album is released as a double CD with all the maxi versions and in a deluxe box set. The box contains many gifts for fans.
Enjoy the new album: “4You”! .

Lian Ross

Source Héctor Álvarez / HA Communications

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