Liam Payne struggled with suicidal thoughts | Stars

The first problems arose during Liam’s time in One Direction. He calls it his “pills and booze phase.” “The best way to keep us in check was to lock us up in a hotel room. And what’s there? A minibar”, describes the 27-year-old singer. He soon said he was throwing parties for himself, something that seemed to go on for years.

During the corona crisis, Liam had a relapse and reached for the bottle again. “I think more people have had that. It got earlier and earlier for me and also increasingly easier,” said Liam, who, according to himself, was even tipsy in Zoom sessions. He also gained a lot of weight by eating poorly. “I used the excuse that it was for a movie role.”

When Liam is asked if his drinking and drug use led to suicidal thoughts, he agrees. “There are things I’ve never talked about. It was really bad.”

In the same conversation, Liam indicates that he has broken off his engagement to Maya Henry, it became clear on Monday. He had been engaged to the 20-year-old model since September.

Do you need help? Then contact the Suicide Help and Prevention Line. Talk about it. Tel: 0800-0113 (free), 113 (regular rate) or

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