LG Uplus pet care platform’s subscribers exceed 300,000 – KED Global

LG Uplus pet care platform’s subscribers exceed 300,000 – KED Global

South Korea’s LG Uplus Corp. announced on Thursday that its pet service platform ForDong has garnered over 300,000 subscribers just 14 months since its inception.

Aimed at transforming the customer experience for pet owners, ForDong is available to all, regardless of their telecom provider.

The platform provides an array of services including dog behavior assessments, free consultations with pet training experts, and a unique trainer-matching service for behavioral adjustment.

After enrolling in the trainer matching program, experts visit the pet owner’s home for specialized sessions—either a 90-minute walk or personalized one-on-one training.

In addition to its online offerings, LG Uplus also inaugurated a dedicated training facility, the “ForDong School Yongin Campus,” situated in Giheung-gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, in July this year.

ForDong has supplemented its service portfolio with a newly launched mobile app for the convenience of users.

Subscribers can execute daily tasks, like attendance checks, to accumulate points redeemable at ForDong’s internal shopping platform.

Since 2019, the telecom provider has been at the forefront of the smart home pet care market, integrating services like home CCTV systems, remote feeding devices, and interactive snack robots.

Last year, the company even rolled out PetToy, an interactive play service designed for pet owners to engage with their furry companions remotely.

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