L’Expression: National – The three lobbies of hate

The President of the Republic is not in the lace on this question precisely.

A recurring subject tackled during any interview with an Algerian president, relations with the former colonial power, was no exception to the rule, during the interview the Head of State granted to the television channel. Qatari, El-Jazeera. The “cooling cycles” of relations between Algiers and Paris, the weight of memorial litigation, the formidable bilateral potential, likely to constitute a real economic engine of the western Mediterranean and the importance of the Algerian community established in France, are indeed just as important. for reasons which amply justify the recurrence of the subject. The President of the Republic, who calls for the appeasement of relations between the two countries, is perfectly aware of the historical phase that the Algerian-French couple is going through in the sense that he claims to have the conviction of the sincerity of President Macron. The man, said the Algerian president, is driven by a strong desire to settle the colonial past, to launch new relations between the two states and the two peoples, free of colonialist overtones, today maintained by powerful lobbies within of the administration and in French political circles.
Cutting with a certain tongue in cheek when such a subject is broached at this level of responsibility, the President of the Republic is not in the lace about this question precisely. Very precise and direct, Abdelmadjid Tebboune identifies the evil which prevents the renewal desired by the majority of Algerians and French. Three lobbies target Algeria, announces without qualification the Head of State. The first is made up of former settlers and obviously some of their descendants who have a harsh hatred towards Algerians and independent Algeria. The second lobby is an extension of the Secret Army Organization (OAS). Looming in the French administration and within the political class, its members work to torpedo any initiative aimed at bringing out the truth about the crimes of colonization. In addition to these two lobbies, the President of the Republic distinguishes a third, made up of Algerians who sided with France before and are doing everything to blur the image of Algeria with the French opinion. With this speech which does not suffer from any hesitation, Abdelmadjid Tebboune places the debate where it should be and puts official France in front of its historical responsibilities.

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