(Motorsport-Total.com) – “If Lewis [Hamilton] would be in the Ferrari now if he weren’t a winning driver. You can say that. You don’t have to be a proven expert to do this, “says Norbert Haug. The former Mercedes sports director believes that the current Ferrari results speak for themselves. And more than what Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel show, the SF1000 is simply not possible.

The perspective is deceptive: Ferrari is not currently on a par with Mercedes Zoom

The bitter balance from Ferrari’s perspective after three race weekends: World championship intermediate rank five with 27 points and only one podium. In addition, a lot of unrest in the team, because after the engine affair 2019/2020, the announced farewell to Vettel and the currently weak form, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is now heavily criticized.

The response in Maranello has already been announced and the first restructuring measures have been announced. According to Haug, this is also necessary, as he explains on ‘Sky’. His verdict: “I think the system has become obsolete. The line-up you have at Ferrari is simply different from a Mercedes line-up. There are flat hierarchies, broadly based.”

Mercedes “in a different league” according to Haug

In general, the Mercedes performance of the past six years is “unmatched in the history of racing,” said Haug. “So I’m sticking to it: Red will have a very difficult time.”

One could only hope for “exceptional racing”, “by a safety car or by rain. Then you have to be there if Mercedes should fail,” says Haug. “But the superiority from my memory was never as clear as now.”

Haug used the example of the Hungarian Grand Prix to calculate what that means in numbers. There Mercedes had improved by “almost a second per lap” and “Ferrari [ist] has slowed down by almost exactly this value, “says Haug.” This results in a hole of 1.7 [oder] 1.8 seconds. That is a different league. “That would also make Hamilton difficult in a Ferrari.

Why the SF1000 is a “misconstruction”

Ralf Schumacher even says on ‘Sky’ that the current Ferrari car is a “misconstruction” because “the car didn’t work on both tracks, Spielberg and Hungary. It wasn’t just on the straight, it was also the balance . “

Photo gallery: Hungary: driver notes from the editorial team

Rain qualifying in Spielberg in particular would have revealed the blatant weaknesses of the SF1000. Neither Leclerc nor Vettel had managed to “hide that,” said Schumacher. “If a car doesn’t work in the rain, there is usually something wrong with the mechanics. That’s why I talked about a wrong construction.”

“Many said yes, well, since Ferrari has had the other engine, that’s the main reason, but that’s not true. There are also some deficits on the car side,” explains the six-time Grand Prix winner. And he says: With a personnel rally in Maranello, that would not be under control.

In the short term, Ferrari will not be able to reverse the trend

“Ultimately, the only thing that was done was to promote the head of the GT department. He now heads the new Performance Center. To me, it sounds like you want to demonstrate to the outside that something is changing.”

Ferrari would do well to reactivate the “old guard”, “People like Rory Byrne, with a lot of experience, who were there even in my brother’s time,” says Schumacher. “They should now take on tasks and ensure that the development is advanced.”

In the short term, however, Haug and Schumacher agree, there won’t be much change at Ferrari. Haug, for example, says: “Silverstone is a performance track. I can’t imagine Ferrari getting out of this corner very quickly. Silverstone will be a very difficult gear for everyone who isn’t called Mercedes.”

Ferrari before the next blow in Silverstone?

Schumacher finds even clearer words and speaks of an impending “fiasco” for Ferrari in Silverstone. He explains: “At the moment, the Ferrari engine is not as strong as it was last year. Silverstone is a very fast track. That means you need aerodynamics in fast corners, a stable car.”

Mercedes: Almost never?

All of this speaks for Mercedes and for Racin Point, but “by the way also for McLaren. They were very strong in Spielberg. The route is similar,” says Schumacher. He also expects “two difficult weekends” for Ferrari drivers Leclerc and Vettel.

And maybe you have to prepare yourself for a long sporty descent in Maranello. “Sometimes it takes months,” says Schumacher, to catch up with large technical backlogs. “See Red Bull: The cars are so complex. If the dog is buried somewhere, you first have to know where.”

Ferrari suffered double damage in the engine affair

“But he has been buried at Ferrari for a long time, and the set-up doesn’t play a major role. They have the balance that they have. And that will be a task that will certainly take the whole winter. One can only hope that they will be stronger next year, “explains the former Formula 1 driver.

According to Haug, Ferrari is so weak this year for several reasons. He referred to the motor affair and said that “an advantage had been gained”. Ferrari has [2019] “Apparently something was done to the engine to get more power that was not in the regulations”.

In turn, however, Ferrari “provoked Mercedes” very much, says Haug. Reason: “It has been reported that Ferrari has the most powerful engine. I have been with the boys long enough [von Mercedes] worked. If you hold out a red cloth to them, then they attack properly. Toto said that himself. “

The criticism of Ferrari does not stop

And where Mercedes grows and gets even better, there is more and more crunching at Ferrari. For Haug, Leclerc and Vettel would have fought a “senseless fight” on different strategies in the Hungarian Grand Prix, the bottom line of which would not help anyone. His criticism of Binotto: “The team manager has to talk to Tacheles and say clearly what is going on on the track.”

“When they fight for first and second place, fight for victory, for the world title, I give myself a little more leeway, but if you fight for a few points, every point is important. Then it can’t be a tenth of a second cost when two teammates are on the go. “