The Dutch defender, Digan Lovrin, who moved to the ranks of Russia’s St. Petersburg, confirmed that his departure from the English team made him cry a lot during the last period.

Leuven, in statements published by the official website of Liverpool, indicated that leaving his Egyptian friend, Mohamed Salah, made it more difficult for him.

And Leuven moved formally from Liverpool to Zaint this summer, after succeeding in crowning with his former colleagues the English Premier League title “Premier League”.

Lovrain said: “I don’t want to show too many emotions because I was already crying before the last game, things got more difficult especially since I left Salah my dear friend, it was a special relationship but as I always said, it is just the beginning of a great friendship, even when we are far away from each other.” .

He continued: “Salah knows that he can always contact me for any reason. I am always here for him, not only Mo, but all the people in the club, both employees and medical staff.”

He concluded: “We were like a big family, which is why Liverpool is so big, because we care about each other, I wish everyone good luck and I want them to stay healthy, we will always be in touch.”