After learning that she had to be operated on to remove small stones from her gallbladder that could cause serious illnesses, Leticia Calderón revealed in an interview for the program Come the joy that, despite having undergone other surgeries, this time he was very afraid of a possible fatal outcome.

“This time I was very afraid, I had already had surgery on other occasions, for other things many years ago, and I had not been afraid, I was not nervous, but now this question came to me that, if I am missing at this moment, What would happen to my children? “, he counted.

Leticia Calderón with children / Mexico Agency

Later, Calderón confessed that He already left instructions for when that moment occurs, highlighting that his children will be in charge of his family and not his ex-partner Juan Collado, due to the legal problems he faces.

“Well I I have already decided that whatever happens, my family is the one who has to answer for my children, no one else, although it may legally correspond to the father, but in this situation he cannot ”.

Leticia Calder & # xf3; n with children / Agencia M & # xe9; xico

Leticia Calderón with children / Mexico Agency

In addition, Lety commented that her youngest son already has instructions on what to do with his assets when she is gone.

“Carlo knows perfectly what I have, who it is for, what he has to do with even the last pencil that is in this house, of my properties that I have, I also have a house in Cuernavaca that I made for myself many years ago. to buy the apartment from Luciano, which in fact I liquidated so that I could already have the deeds ”.

On the other hand, the 53-year-old artist expressed her desire to have a partner, although she made it clear that she is not worried about being single at this time.

Leticia Calderón / Agencia México

Leticia Calderón / Mexico Agency

“Yes, of course! Of course I would like to find a man who adapts to my life, who adds to the happiness I feel today, who respects my times, my spaces. I’ve never been a girlfriend, really, so I’m happy and I don’t need a man to be happy. “


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