Letters from readers: the market

Letters from readers: the market

Populism: Political doctrine that seeks to defend the interests and aspirations of the people (the dictionary). It also seeks to expand rights. There is an axiom: “where there is a need, there is a right”. Despite the fact that a member of the Supreme Court of Justice – what a paradox! – denies it blatantly. It is seen that the one who preached with “feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty” was a populist. However, JF Díaz (LA GACETA, 03/26) writes: “Populism has become the most serious problem today.” Democratic, Mr. Other columnists or opinionologists demonize him by saying or writing that: Trump, Bolsonaro, Macri, etc. they do populism. The Italo-Argentine sentence: “salary is a cost”; “The worker must earn the minimum for what he does.” Populist, ha ha. In LA GACETA, 01/18), among various comments, of “I warned you”, it reads: “the origin dates back to 1983, when that fascinating man named Raúl Alfonsín was preaching with…”, etc., etc. did you read? Strong, right? Telling the person that is not present to respond in this way is unfortunate and embarrassing. For someone to put genocidal and disappearers on trial and it was a crime of the radical president. Violence, oral or written words, always precedes physical violence. A communicator said one day: “Argentina, country of m…” A legislator with a Cordovan tune and aspirations to be a comedian imitates him. Both, ungrateful with their land. The communicator cracker unleashed the misogyny of him attacking Mrs. CFK with expressions that he finds difficult to transcribe. Not happy, he also advises students at a school how to “scrape” their classmates. Freedom of expression? Humm… Transposing it gives rise to or explains in some way the degree of intolerance or violence that we are witnessing. Poetry? Market? That is the question. For a “mens sana in corpore sano” you have to find a balance. Now, that a neighbor or a neighbor attends a super, a neighborhood store or a financial does not enable it in the market. Rather (I include myself) we are merchandise. Market is the price maker. It abuses his dominant position. Mark, remark and speculate, thus causing what is called inflation. Does Aranguren ring a bell? He paid the dollar at $8 when it was $4 a unit. It is not the monetary issue or public spending, as some say. The State subsidizes (helps) companies or entrepreneurs. However, this sector requires leave or non-payment of taxes. “Ah, but the planeros!”. Homilies, interviews, lectures come and go. He always sings the tune: “The absent State”; “Politics delay.” The market? Fine, thanks. There is a phrase, from 1983: “I spoke to them with the heart, they respond with the pocket.” It still beats. From JJ Rousseau: “The inequality of the mother of all evils”. Ergo, it’s time for the real power (the market) to drop one or more changes, automotively speaking. Women and men of the 21st century, material and prosaic: “Man does not live by bread alone.”

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